What is franchising?

In franchising, a franchisor (the business) trades under a licence from the franchisee (the business owner). It uses its branding, business model and other assets whilst benefiting from partnership, support and guidance as part of the deal.

But what is franchising, and how does it work in relation to a coaching business?

Buying into a franchise can be very lucrative with the majority of franchises being very profitable. As a tried and tested model, there are many benefits:

  • Established brand awareness.
  • Lower risk than a new unknown business.
  • Support from the franchisor (the business owner).
  • Opportunity for growth and expansion.

There are numerous franchise opportunities available, with everything from Mcdonald’s through to beauty brands and business coach franchises. Obviously, it is the latter we are most interested in here!

But not all business coaching franchises are the same. 

There is a great deal of variation in the level of support and tools you are provided with, the level of freedom you have to work within a framework and the amount of input you can have in the creation of tools and models, as well as a huge variation in cost! 

It’s important to find the right franchise offer and package that suits you and your business ambitions.

What is franchising? Business coaching franchise

If you yourself run a successful business, you will have gained a wealth of experience in how a business is run. Wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to be able to share this knowledge with fellow business owners? Buying into a business coach franchise enables you to do just that.

A business format franchise provides the opportunity to share experience and knowledge of running a business to fellow business owners, whilst simultaneously still running your own business. 

A huge benefit is that as the franchisor, you yourself have ongoing support. You can fully support your clients whilst simultaneously being supported by the franchise. 

Working under an established brand, is a far less risky venture than going it alone! Equally, not all business coach franchises are the same. So not only do you need to ask yourself what you want and need from a franchise, but also it’s vital to understand what is franchising, and what it isn’t too.

What is franchising with UK Growth Coach like

Why a UK Growth Coach franchise?

A UK Growth Coach franchise is a turn-key business solution that people who want to have a business coaching company can buy. 

We have the proven systems, tools, resources, training and ongoing support that will help you to succeed as a business coach, all at a realistic cost too. Here’s why:

  • Our coaches have been coaching businesses for many years and franchisees benefit from their varied expertise and experience in growing their own business.
  • As an established brand, association with UK Growth Coach branding brings immediate credibility to your coaching business.
  • UK Growth Coach’s reputation is well established through the quality of our coaching work and the positive results we gain for our clients.


What does a UK Growth Coach franchise opportunity include?


  • A franchise training programme on business concepts and how to coach business owners, delivered by an experienced business coach. Relevant, practical and confidence-inspiring.


  • A marketing toolkit (including a website) that will help the franchisee connect with and enthuse prospective clients. 
  • A sales toolkit (and sales training) that equips the franchisee to convert interest into paying clients. 
  • A coaching service toolkit with a wide set of business development and advancement tools (more than 100) that they can use when coaching clients.
  • We pride ourselves on being agile and fresh with our coaching tools, and regularly update and create new tools as businesses and our coaching clients need change. You can have input into these. This is quite different to some other business coaching franchises available. 


What is franchising? Well it should include a lot of support and benefits from being part a networking. In our case, that support is ongoing, collaborative and taking the time to invest in your success.

  • Ongoing training via your own support coach (meeting every 4 weeks) for the duration of your franchise agreement.
  • Updates to the franchise system are provided by the franchisors on a regular basis.
  • A network of like-minded coaches to act as a support community. 


Join the UK Growth Coach franchise network!

If you were wondering “what is franchising”, we hope this blog has helped to explain it further and possibly given you the drive to start your own!

Every franchisee is a true team member. We aim to offer support, guidance and inclusion to ensure each team member is a success as a business coach.

If this is what you are looking for, contact us to find out more about how to become a UK Growth Coach franchisee.

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