How to become a certified business coach

If you’re wondering how to become a certified business coach, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways a certified business coach comes into that career path; in our blog today, we shall look deeper into what industries or former roles could make you perfect for a business coaching path. Of course, the list can be more comprehensive. However, we hope it will give you some food for thought on how to become a certified business coach, and as always, we welcome any questions that may arise from it.

Here are some of the common routes

How to become a certified business coach: Senior executives with a career history in a corporate setting or through running larger businesses

These individuals often have strong field and commercial experience within their sector, either within individual departments or across various positions over time.

Generally, there is a deeper understanding of business principles and strategies. In addition, they are used to staying current with trends and developments in the business world and have a solid knowledge base to draw from when coaching their clients.

Often they will have been involved in training, coaching or mentoring programme roles within their employment history, and some may have also been trained in executive coaching.

The challenge here, when seeking someone with this background as a business coach for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) is that they need to gain an appreciation for the difference between strategies suited to larger rather than smaller organisations. If this appreciation isn’t developed,  it can present misalignment when serving clients outside of their experience.

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How to become a certified business coach: SME business owners who have exited/sold their companies and want to show others how they did it and share their experience

These individuals most commonly have real expertise within one (or a limited number of industry sectors) and one or two lived experiences at the helm of businesses of their own.

They will only sometimes have formal training, coaching or a mentoring qualification but have significant real-world experience to share.

Many business coaches have started successful businesses and have learned valuable lessons along the way. In addition, they may have encountered and overcome various obstacles and challenges. They can share their experiences and expertise with other entrepreneurs just starting or looking to grow their businesses.

The challenge here is about broadening these individuals knowledge, so that they can coach on situations, industries and topics outside of their lived experience. Even if someone has worked for 20 or 30 years as a business owner, across multiple industries, there will still be nuances to sectors, business models, new modes of thinking and approaches they won’t be able to advise on. This is especially true as time passes from when their personal experience took place, as business thinking, tools, models and approaches change over time.

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How to become a certified business coach: Ex-trainers who have decided to broaden their role into coaching

Many trainers will make the shift from training to coaching over time. They often enjoy a more facilitative style of guidance or working with individuals or small groups more than presenting to larger audiences.

They can listen actively and ask the right questions to understand their client’s needs and goals. They can also clearly and concisely convey their ideas and advice to their clients.

They often have a strong grounding in educational techniques, learning models, styles and domains. As a result, they are excellent at helping improve knowledge and capability across various settings. However, they can be a mixed bag without a solid grounding in business principles.

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How to become a certified business coach: Career switchers / trained coaches coming through educational establishments

Over recent years there has been a considerable shift in the business world, where more and more coaches have emerged. Many of these will claim to be business coaches but more accurately fit the titles of executive coaches, leadership and management coaches or trainers, management consultants, life coaches, efficiency advisors, cost consultants, and more.

To become an authentic business coach, you need coaching skills. Still, you also need business skills and knowledge in abundance too.

In the market, the fad of dabbling as a business coach, because that’s where the demand often looks greatest, is often somewhat disingenuous upon investigation!

How to become a certified business coach: Business coaches through a franchise operation

At UK Growth Coach, we offer people with significant experience in owning or directing SME companies the chance to access coaching and business coach skills training using a unique framework, models, systems and tools.

Several other companies are operating within the franchise sector, and lots of experienced business owners recognise that adopting a proven methodology and accessing an entire system of resources, tools, training and a support network is a direction that leads to improved success rates.

In fact, whilst there are many coaches in the market, it’s also true to say that many are struggling to launch or get fair value or retain clients at a meaningful level. The franchise structure offers a means of bypassing much of the trial and error that holds success back for many independent coaches. 

The UK Growth Coach franchise models recognises where additional knowledge and experience is needed in want-to-be coaches, depending on the path they’ve come to coaching from. We have a dedicated training programme, as well as ongoing training, to educate and support for our coaches. 

Whilst some independents are good coaches, and some are not, almost all need to be more skilled at building a coaching practice. 

The franchise avenue is becoming more attractive as the market becomes more saturated. Academic qualification or industry body accreditation is different than the magic bullet many expected – with much more required to launch, grow and succeed.

Meet UK Growth Coach

UK Growth Coach is a professional business coaching franchise. 

The team includes a network of coaches who provide business advisory and development services to the owners of SME companies across the UK. 

We have a unique model and framework based on years of coaching experience with various industries. 

All of the coaches have worked with businesses at all stages of development. Something that sets us apart is that all of our coaches are, or previously have been, business owners as well as coaches. However, as the blog explains, coaching is appropriate for many industries and titles!

Want to know more or have any questions? Then, contact us, and we will happily answer any questions.

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