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Below you can see the range of specialist small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business coaching services that you will be trained in and able to offer as a franchisee of UK Growth Coach.  

During our discussions, we’ll go into more detail on each of these programmes and which, or all, of these you want to be offering your customers. 

One of the great things about our franchise is that there is some flexibility available to each coach on how they want to build their own business.

Have a look at the range of services, who they are designed for, what they comprise and the intended outcomes. 

You’ll no doubt identify where you’d like to focus your efforts!

Become a small business coach - final piece of the jigsaw

Explore the opportunity to become a small business coach with us

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Business coaching programmes that match the current state & ambition of each of your clients...

From years of experience coaching SMEs and learning directly from some of the leading business advisors, the founders of UK Growth Coach have developed a couple of foundation models from which all of the programmes are derived.

The first of these is ‘The Progress Mountain’’ model. It seeks to identify where the business is at now, and the step needed to reach the next level. 

The higher the progress, the better the results – from merely replacing a job, to generating wealth within the business, to creating a company that is attractive to investors.

These progress steps have unique symptoms and challenges, and the programmes we offer to clients are designed to address the right issue at the right time and be progressive.

This is the foundation to become a small business coach with UK Growth Coach!

"Once I saw what UK Growth Coach could provide, it was that missing piece of the jigsaw for me in order to make this vision a reality."
Chris Irving Curve Accountancy quote
Chris Irving
Curve Accountancy
"UK Growth Coach has been our superstar and our guiding light in our transition and we can’t wait to continue working with you."
Emma Rich-Spice
The Chaseley Trust

Coaching services to become a small business coach

1-2-1 small business coaching

This type of service forms the bulk of the coaching services available if you become a small business coach with us, and can be delivered face-to-face and/or online. 

There are four distinct programmes available based on the stage the client is at on The Progress Mountain. There are common elements across each of these 1-2-1 programmes, including what we refer to as a North Star Meeting, Short-Haul Planning and Long-Haul Planning. You can watch videos explaining how these work further on the links above.

The Basics Programme: supporting startups to turn into functional businesses

The Basics Programme is for business owners who have an idea of a business but are not sure of the right approach, tools, systems or ways of doing things. In order to avoid costly and time consuming, trial and error, they can work with a business coach franchisee at UK Growth Coach.

This will give them education and guidance in how to run, operate and establish a viable business. Something very few business owners ever receive! This helps ensure that each of the 10-points of the Coaching Star (the 10 fundamental points to business success) are developed into a consistent approach.

Growth Programme: growing and scaling a business

You would take the 10-points of the Coaching Star and explore how to make elements work better and more efficiently to deliver better outcomes. You would typically focus on systemisation, processes, roles within the company and delegation, as well as sales and marketing among other things.

Independence Programme: not reliant on the business owner in order to be profitable and growing

This is not to suggest that the business owner becomes redundant, rather focusing on which roles and activities they should and shouldn’t be doing!

If their business is solely reliant on them for x activity, it presents a point of failure, as well as stress and inability to take a break from the business. In this programme you will work as a small business coach to identify and reduce these points of reliance.

Independence is achieved when the business owner can choose to work or not, and their attendance is not what dictates the business’ performance.

Exit Programme: for sale or succession

Becoming a small business coach means being prepared for the myriad of ambitions your clients may have, and this is exhibited perfectly in the Exit Programme.

Some may want to create a valuable asset in their business to retire or invest elsewhere, others will want to be able to hand over the business to others through succession planning or a management buy-out, and some might want to stay partially involved on specific terms.

During this programme you work with the business owner to prepare them and their business for this change.

The Profit Hunter Business Owner Education series

About the series

This service is for clients who are at an early stage of the startup phase, those wanting to brush up on their business owner skills and/or training others on some of the aspects of managing a business successfully. It has a lower cost than 1-2-1 coaching.

The sessions can be delivered:

  • In a group live/face-to-face workshop
  • Via a system such as Zoom for group participation
  • Through a video subscription for clients who want to view pre-recorded material that allows them to work at their own pace and in their preferred content order. 


The Profit Hunter programme is a series of 12 sessions and you can download the full curriculum below for more information of the topics.