Franchise opportunities near me: what you need to know

Are you searching for ‘franchise opportunities near me’? Perhaps you’re looking to start your own franchise business, but you’re unsure about the business model, start-up costs or the different types of franchising available.

This blog will explore the different types of UK franchises and why it’s a great idea to become a UK Growth Coach business coaching franchisee. 

What is a business franchise?

A franchise is a method of distributing a product or service using the name and product of the franchisor. The franchisor is the person / company who created the original brand identity and service product. They are paid a fee and royalty by the franchisee in order for the franchisee to do business using their brand and services.

This system allows the franchisee to launch a business without needing to go through many of the steps required to set up their own business, like creating trademarks, branding, system creation and guidelines. 

The ‘franchise’ itself is actually the franchise agreement, but businesses stemming from this agreement are commonly referred to as the franchise. 

Think of it like a restaurant chain. The owner of the Mcdonald’s in town is the owner of that restaurant and manages their team. However, they don’t own the McDonald’s name or the logos, recipes and guidelines that the franchisor provides. 

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Franchise opportunities near me – What types of franchises are available?

You generally have access to two main types of franchises which are:

Business-format franchising

This type of franchising is the most popular, and it involves the franchisor providing an entire blueprint for the operation of the business to the franchisee, including the trade name, products and services. 

Training is usually provided along with ongoing support from the franchisor to make sure that the franchisee is continuing to follow brand guidelines and ensuring smooth running. 

Product-distribution franchising

This model is similar to business-format franchising in that the franchisee is selling the product of the franchisor. However, the support stops there, and you will act solely as a seller of the franchisor’s products in your area. 

This is an attractive business opportunity for some people who want to ‘go it alone’ or have a specific approach or model in mind. 

However, in the case of UK Growth Coach’s franchise, we much prefer business-format franchising due to the support and structure provided. It ensures a consistent quality to the service and significantly increases the likelihood of success for the business coaches by having that training, support, network and tools at their fingertips! 

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Franchise opportunities near me – Why become a UK Growth Coach franchisee?

The best franchises work because of the relationships they build between franchisor and franchisee. 

At UK Growth Coach, we’re committed to treating every one of our franchisees as a valued member of our team, and we aim to provide a high-level of support and guidance throughout your time with us. 

We provide industry-leading materials to get you up and running from the start, as well as ongoing training to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest materials needed to help your business coaching clients succeed. 

Our initial fee is deliberately more accessible than others on the market, and we operate our franchise fees on a tapering scale. This means the more success you have with us, the more of your earnings you’ll keep each month. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the UK Growth Coach franchise team, get in touch today to find out more. 

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