Why and how to start a coaching business with UK Growth Coach

Why and how to start your coaching business with us?

There are three main options available when it comes starting your business coaching career.

The first is setting up your own business.

The second is to become a coach within an established existing firm.

Third (and in our view best option!) is to become a business coach franchisee.

The sheer practicality of how you start a coaching business makes a franchise option attractive, but you also have to find the right and best coaching franchise for you.

The process for how to start a coaching business with UK Growth Coach is simple, but let’s look at the why first!

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Why buy a business coaching franchise?

If you decide to setup as a business coach on your own, you’ll need to develop all of the tools required for coaching, establish a brand, create a marketing strategy and then invest in having all of the materials before they can be used.

Then there are the sales systems, not to mention contracts and the legalities of setting up your business. 

That’s a lot to do…without even yet delivering any coaching or achieving anything billable!

With that in mind, it’s not a surprise to discover that over 80% of business coaches are estimated to fail within their first two years according to a number of coaching industry studies

However, there is another (and better) way…

A simpler, faster and more cost-effective solution, which is also probably more likely to succeed, is to purchase a business coaching franchise, where much of the above is already done for you! 

Learn more about how to start a coaching business with us!

How does UK Growth Coach compare to other coaching franchises?
How to start a coaching business with UK Growth Coach

Every franchisee is a true team member and we work hard to ensure that you’ll never lack support, guidance, and feel included. 

We truly invest in you and your business – with a very personal level of care.

Our founder also has a unique empathy for our franchisees. Not only did he originally start a coaching business as a franchisee within a different organisation, but he is also now a business owner of three different businesses, as well as the franchisor of UK Growth Coach. 

Here are just some of the other reasons why UK Growth Coach is a good choice for you:


The entry point has deliberately been made more accessible than others available on the market (set at £18,000+VAT). 

The ongoing fees are £500+VAT per month (to cover updates to the tools and a mentor coach being provided to you) and a proportion of revenue fee that is connected to your own business performance level.

Ongoing costs that encourage your success

Very often in a franchise as you grow and succeed, the share the franchisor receives remains a significant percentage.

That’s not how we do things at UK Growth Coach.

Our proportion of revenue fees taper – meaning that the greater your success, the more of it you get to receive.

Focus where you have the greatest impact

As a franchisee with us, you’ll focus on SMEs which is where your expertise and skills will have the greatest impact…bringing the most rewarding sense of achievement to you!

Newer, fresher and more adaptable

Our approach has always been nimble and agile. We develop new tools, refine and change as our clients and markets need us to, but within an established framework.

As a franchisee you can be directly involved in that process, providing feedback and supporting in their creation. We aren’t afraid of change and welcome your input!

Strong culture and ethics

We run the franchise the way we would have wanted it to be run when we were the franchisee!

This unique perspective gives us a different value set to others in our market, and we truly feel that our success should be a reflection of yours.

Marketing expertise on hand

Unrivalled marketing expertise are on-hand via our sister company Growth by Design, a full-service SME specialist marketing agency.

This means that when you ask yourself how to win at launching and growing your coaching business, we have specialists on hand that you can call on to help

Market-leading training

An 8-day business coach training course to become a certified UK Growth Coach, which covers everything you need to make your business a success.

Founders who wrote the book on SME business strategy

Finding that too few business owners were receiving the education and guidance they needed to run and establish their businesses, we wrote the book to help them! 

Do have a read for yourself to understand more about us and our ethos

How to start a coaching business with UK Growth Coach

In just 5 easy steps you can start a coaching business with us!

  1. Complete your own initial research


  2. Book a Discovery Day with us


  3. Complete your due diligence


  4. Sign up as a franchisee


  5. Complete the training!

More details can be found about this process here.