How to become a business coach with UK Growth Coach’s franchise

Tim Rylatt director of coaching franchise UK Growth Coach
Henry Laker director of coaching franchise UK Growth Coach
Emma Cole
why choose UK Growth Coach

The simplest, fastest, most cost-effective option, with a high likelihood of success!

It really is that straightforward as to why you’d choose to join UK Growth Coach!

Setting up your own business coaching practice is a HUGE job.

There are all the branding aspects, the marketing tools and actions, the sales systems and tools, the operational tools and processes, the financial set-up, the client and supplier contracts, and the design time for the models too.

This is a massively daunting prospect and a mammoth time investment as an individual.

But there is a more efficient and better way of achieving your own business ambition and become a business coach.

Buying into a business coaching franchise is a simpler and faster route to market and comes with the benefit of a network and experienced coaching support to help you to succeed.

Explore the opportunity to become a business coach franchisee with us!

Is this the best franchise opportunity available for you to
become a business coach?

We think so and believe you’ll feel the same when you undertake your due diligence to see what is available in the marketplace.

It’s vital that you find the right fit for your circumstances, and we’ve some compelling reasons why you should become a business coach with UK Growth Coach:

Accessible business opportunity

Accessible business coaching opportunity with a sensible level of start-up investment.

Focus on businesses you need your expertise the most

Focused on small and medium-sized businesses, those who need it the most; giving a high sense of purpose and meaning for coaches.

Strong culture and ethics

Strong culture and ethics – our network and culture are essential to our franchisees and us!

Marketing expertise at your fingertips

Specialist marketing agency expertise and support, which is near unrivalled in the world of coaching – our founders have two agencies and decades of marketing experience!

Market-leading training

Market-leading training designed by qualified trainers, more details below.

Founders wrote the book on SME business strategy

Our founders literally wrote the book on business strategy and are business owners too, so we have genuine empathy with franchisees and clients.

Explore becoming a business coach with us

5 steps to become a business coach with UK Growth Coach...

  • Step 1: Complete your initial research

    You need to find the best-fit franchise that allows you to achieve both your personal business goals. We advise that you do your market research, read the materials available, and look at the website. We also provide several video guides to help you

  • Step 2: Book onto a Discovery Day

    Once you are happy with the business concept and franchise principles, and think our offering has a good potential fit for you, book onto a Discovery Day. Your day will involve time direct with one of our Franchisors and you will get the chance to explore it all in more detail: how franchising works, the coaching services and our business model. You can ask all of your questions and we’ll be happy to answer.

  • Step 3: Complete your due diligence

    Buying a franchise isn’t a decision to take lightly and successful business coaches do take time to do their due diligence - we encourage you to be thorough, assess the viability for you, and explore what the future might look like. Once you are ready to start business planning, we will support you in defining realistic goals based on experience.

  • Step 4: Sign up as a franchisee

    When you have decided that working in the UK Growth Coach franchise is the best decision, you’ll be asked to complete the formal agreement!

  • Step 5: Complete training and prepare for lift off!

    Now that you are onboard, you will be invited to attend the next 8-day initial training course {internal link}, which will be delivered by the founders, their team and other expert partners. Once completed, you will receive your business coaching certification and become part of the UK Growth Coach franchise team!

    …and while you are doing that training…

    We will develop your website for you, as well as a host of other marketing materials so you are ready to launch on completion!

What you get when you become a business coach franchisee

Market-leading training for business coaches

Paper planes fly together as a team

All of our franchisees are provided with 8-full days of initial business coach training to give them the coaching skills they need to deliver outstanding service to medium and small business owners.

The training will be led by an experienced coach and qualified trainer, and will cover the following::

  • What UK Growth Coach is: the standards, the values and the ethics
  • How to start attracting customers from a standing start
  • How to sell to potential customers

  • How to package up the services

  • How to launch a new customer engagement

  • How to work with clients on an ongoing basis and deliver results

  • How to manage a client’s exit at the end of the working relationship.

Market-leading toolkits to run a business coaching company

become a business coach and receive toolkits - help up the ladder

You will also be provided with specific toolkits for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Delivering the business coaching.


These cover a wide range of options for you to effectively market and sell to potential customers, as well as pointer guides on what you need to do to use them successfully.

This is what our Franchisees have to say about us...

I had been running my own business for ten years with my husband and wanted something for myself, something I could nurture, that involved helping and engaging with people and where I could share my experiences and life learning. 
I did lots of research and looked at doing it myself with just my previous knowledge and experience; however, becoming part of a franchise felt like the most effective way to ensure that I had a business with tried and tested methods that were successful. So I started my research with a number of well-known coaching brands. Although I felt those franchises all have some worth, they didn’t resonate with me, they felt more like “one size fits all” and I wanted something that was more agile and could flex to people’s needs rather than be shoehorned in. The UK Growth Coach franchise model gave me all of those positives I wanted and the ability to be nimble with the support of a framework.
The journey that I started with Growth Coach has been an exciting and varied one, with the team’s help and guidance and my thirst for asking questions we have shaped my own coaching business. The 8 days of training were great and really helped me understand what my coaching business would look and feel like, and were an invaluable tool that gave me confidence.  
My franchisors are invested in me as a person and as a business owner and will go out of their way to make sure I have all that I need and that I am achieving my own goals and helping business owners achieve theirs.
I love how I can shape my business to feel like it’s my own, with the active engagement and support of the franchisors and their team to help me through the process. I  now find that I challenge myself daily to grow and learn and be the best version of myself.”
Emma Cole

What is the cost to become a business coaching franchisee with UK Growth Coach?

Once you start trading…

  • There is a coach support fee of £500 +VAT per month that covers updates to the franchise tools over time, and having your own coaching session every month too.

  • There is a fee based on your business turnover. This starts off at zero and then increases in line with your business growth. Unlike many of the competing franchises out there, the proportion of earnings fee actually reduces as a % as your income increases.

We want you to succeed and be rewarded for it!

Start your journey to become a business coach with us now!

The initial franchise license fee is

£ 18,000