Your marketing and sales toolkit

Turning your business coach franchise opportunity into real-world success!

The UK Growth Coach business coach franchise opportunity - what is included?

Different business coaching franchise opportunities offer you varying levels of support, tools and guidance. It’s important to find out exactly what you are getting when you buy a franchise.

Not least because when you are starting up as effectively a new business, being part of a franchise should mitigate some of the risks associated with starting-up. 

That is why we’ve created a series of toolkits to help you gain enquiries, win clients and deliver your coaching services expertly, straight away!

business coach franchise opportunity toolkits provided
business coach franchise opportunity - generating enquiries

Everything you need to gain enquiries

Ask any coach what the hardest part of their business is, and they will likely answer ‘winning clients’ among their top responses.

That is why having the right strategies, proven methodologies, and effective tools in place is vital to your success.

If you sign up for the business coach franchise opportunity with us, you will be provided with a cutting-edge marketing toolkit and expert training on how to use it.

Having a sister-company of a marketing agency is a major benefit here and sets us significantly apart from most of our competitors!

From a website that is professionally optimised, through to business cards that are a little bit special, you will have all the necessary marketing tools to get yourself off to a flying start!

The toolkit contains:

  • Your own website which you can manage and edit – and comes optimised
  • Business cards
  • Popup banners
  • 1-2-1 coaching programme brochure
  • Profit Hunter group coaching brochure
  • Client experience videos
  • Lead generation tools (digital and print)
  • Event promotional materials (digital and print)
  • Several high-quality presentations
  • Access to continually refreshed and new marketing assets too!

Everything you need to win clients

The marketing toolkit will generate coaching opportunities, but to make your business coaching franchise opportunity truly successful, you will need to be able to convert them into actual clients!

The sales toolkit includes:

  • Booking system templates
  • Presentations
  • Business Review tools
  • Progression Scorecards
  • Killers question lists
  • Objection handling guidance
  • Service contracts
  • Follow up templates
  • And more!


These tools give you the supporting materials to ensure you are confident with selling your coaching offer and know how to apply your existing sales knowledge into a real-world context of business coaching.

business coach franchise opportunity - sales process for launching your business
Growth Star

Everything you need to deliver expert business coaching

Every client is different – from sector, industry, current state to future ambition, market conditions or simply the personalities of the business owners you will be meeting. 

The coaching toolkit covers a lot of ground to encompass all of the coaching programmes available, of which you may offer some or all of them. 

When you start working with clients, you will need a lot of different tools and resources. Our tools fall within one of 10 different categories as per our Coaching Star model, which underpins all of our coaching:

  1. Business direction
  2. Company culture
  3. Profit levers
  4. Financial controls
  5. Marketing strategy
  6. Sales strategy
  7. Driving KPIs and gauges
  8. Systemise for efficiency
  9. Team performance and roles
  10. Owner performance and roles


There are also different tools based on the current position of your client’s business and where they are going, as per The Progression Mountain model. 

In addition to these, there are assessment, planning, profiling and other materials to help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your coaching clients.

We are also open to new ideas and requests for tools, so you can keep the dialogue going with your mentor coach and the franchisor if there are additional needs.

This two-way, genuine communication is more flexible than some other franchises offer, and we believe the agility of our system is one of its signature strengths.

Training is provided on all of the toolkits

The 8-day training course which our business coach franchise opportunity includes, covers the contents of these toolkits and how to use them, among many other subjects. To find out more about the training, visit here.