Business coaching courses
and training

Gain confidence and rapid skill development with our business coach training

Our unique 8-day business coaching course will give you the confidence, knowledge and ability to launch and successfully build your franchised SME coaching business.

It will empower you to capably handle the huge range of different business types, organisational challenges and unique personalities you will face in the real world.

By becoming a certified business coach with UK Growth Coach you will be able to:

  • Launch your business positively
  • Gain traction quickly
  • Confidently provide services to a wide range of clients and situations.


Full details of our business coaching courses are below.

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What is covered in the business coaching courses?

The course covers both the theory and practice of applying coaching models and tools in real-life situations. 

Working with SMEs requires tangible action in order to make meaningful differences to the business owners you work with. This is why our business coach training focuses on real-world application.

The main topics covered are:

The Franchise

Franchise overview

Responsibilities of franchisors

Responsibilities of franchisees

Purpose, mission, and values

Coaching services overview

Target audiences for each service

Core concepts – Progression Mountain, 10-point Star, Profit Flow and more

1-2-1 coaching services 

Group coaching services

Business training services

Coaching delivery

Coaching toolkit overview

Core client topics, tools and coaching approaches

North Star Meetings and long-haul planning

Short-haul planning sessions

Goal defining and documenting 

1-2-1 coaching sessions – structure and delivery tips

Profit Hunter workshop series

Marketing and sales

Marketing your coaching business

Selling your coaching services

Brand management and central resources

Your website (guidance on set-up and use)

Exit Programme specifics

Business valuation concepts

Business valuation drivers and support strategies

Business sale mechanism and partners

Succession planning

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Who will deliver the business coaching courses?

The business coaching courses are delivered by someone who is an experienced business coach, trained in adult education, and who designed most of the models used!

Ongoing training and support

As both coaches and business owners, we pride ourselves on continuous learning and development. 

To ensure our franchised coaches are given the best and most up-to-date tools, our models are regularly reviewed and updated or replaced by new ones as things change and we learn more. 

We all have to invest in our own learning and development to be able to provide the best services and outcomes for our clients. 

Whilst the initial training is an intensive 8-day induction, there is ongoing training and development opportunities when you become part of the UK Growth Coach network.

  • Throughout your license period, you will have an assigned mentor coach to support you


  • Each franchisee receives their own quarterly franchisor half-day session


  • We provide a full-day development training and franchise advancement session, as a team event, annually


  • You gain access to UK Growth Coach’s unique IP, books, and regular new presentation resources


  • Guided role plays to develop real skills.
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Missing Business Instructions

Read our book on business strategy!

They say if you can’t find the book you want, you should write it – so we did!

The Missing Business Instructions is about the journey and realities of starting up, growing and scaling an SME business. The barriers owner face, as well as tools and approaches to help them.

If you want a place to start to understand more about our ethos and approach, reading our book is something we’d recommend!