Top coaching tools for success: our coaching toolkit

Top coaching tools to make business better

The web is littered with online business coaching tools and free business coaching resources – but are these resources actually backed up by years of great coaching success, or used daily by professional coaches? 

Here at UK Growth Coach, we’ve developed almost 200 tools for business coaches which we explore in detail in our coaching sessions. However, today I want to share with you three of our three top coaching tools when coaching clients. 

If you’re looking to develop your time management skills, become better at goal setting for achievable results, and grow your business at the same time then these top coaching tools will be invaluable to you. 

Top coaching tools: Long Haul Flight

Long-haul flight planner

The Long Haul Flight Planner is a tool that we use to set long-term (1-5 year) goals for businesses. At UK Growth Coach, we measure these goals against our unique Coaching Star Model, which examines 10 important development areas for a company. 

The Long Haul Flight Planner is a one-page sheet that details the starting position against those 10 criteria, the target destination (where progress will be made and what the resulting status will be), and a list of contributing elements that will be involved in making progressive steps towards that outcome.

It is a high level, strategic document that acts as a centre-point reminder for the intended direction and advancement of the company within a longer time frame. By setting these goals, and analysing where the business is to begin with, you can start to formulate some great business coaching questions to get the most out of your clients.

Top coaching tools: Short haul flight

Short-haul action planner  

The Short Haul Action Planner is a prioritised set of aims which are created using the Long Haul Flight Plan. These are then defined into short term goals, milestones, and timelined actions which are achievable. 

Again this is a one-page document (or spreadsheet depending on client preference). It is a simple to use, clear chart that identifies what is important to do, who it needs to be done by, and when it will be done by. This is a great coaching practice to get into, as it drills in time management from the start. Ensuring that jobs are completed on time, and within agreed terms. 

This top coaching tool also works alongside the agreed coaching service as a whole,  as it identifies where support sessions will happen and the topics for discussion/help can be linked with the activity timeline. Meaning that when sessions do happen, they can be further tailored to suit the needs of the business.

Top coaching tools: Diary

Business balance diary 

It’s no secret that business owners often have many roles and responsibilities. From manning the telephones to meetings with clients, things can very quickly get out of hand without a properly managed diary. 

By assigning time for each regular and vital activity that delivers on those responsibilities, and mapping those time blocks into a diary template ahead of requirement, business owners can become more efficient as well as more consistent. They drop fewer balls and experience less stress than when they try and simply fit those tasks in around other appointments.

Whilst this is even good life coaching advice, it really does make a huge impact on your business. Whether your clients run a small business or even a business that has scaled up, having a business balance diary will ensure that owners know what they need to do, and when they need to do it. 

Access to top coaching tools when you become a franchisee of UK Growth Coach

As one of the leading business coaching providers in the UK, our top coaching tools far outperform the many online coaching tools that might claim to bring you to the next level. 

With our many years of experience and success, we can guide you down the correct path to becoming a confident and knowledgeable business coach. 

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a business coach franchisee within our network, then get in touch today on 01444 440 500 for a no-obligation chat with one of our founders. 

We look forward to working with you!

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