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The journey that I started with Growth Coach has been an exciting and varied one. The UK Growth Coach franchise model resonated with me and gave me the ability to be nimble with the support of a framework.

My franchisors are invested in me as a person and as a business owner and will go out of their way to make sure I am achieving my own goals and helping business owners achieve theirs.
I love how I can shape my business to feel like it’s my own, with the active engagement and support of the franchisors and their team. I now find that I challenge myself daily to grow and learn and be the best version of myself.
Emma Cole

Our business coaches help a huge number of people and society as a whole

  • Do you have business skills and knowledge and want to help others?


  • Do you want to be part of creating small business success stories?


  • Are you interested in running your own coaching business but want to avoid the many challenges involved in doing so alone?

If so, then did you know that there’s a great business coaching franchise opportunity for you, where you can now join one of the top business coaching companies in the UK by becoming a franchisee of UK Growth Coach!

With market-leading training and support from fellow small business owners, and as a member of the British Franchise Association, you’ll be in great company here at UK Growth Coach.

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Why become a small business coach?

Small business owners need our support. They are the backbone of our economy and communities, providing services and employment. But the rates of failure in SMEs are very high, with some estimates of up to 50% failing in their first five years and 70% within ten years.

These statistics hide the personal, mental and financial cost of failure on the owners, their families and communities.

At UK Growth Coach, we are hugely passionate about changing this narrative and making more business successes happen!

How your coaching expertise will
change businesses

Small business owners tend to be good technicians. This means they know the industry they were employed in, which led to an opportunity where they chose to start, take over, or buy a business in that sector.

The problem is that whilst skilled in the industry, most are not experienced in business ownership and several key areas required to make a company (rather than a job) succeed.

Taking on a coaching franchise with UK Growth Coach means your role will be to simplify the business for these business owners and help them overcome those knowledge, skill, and discipline gaps.

In your role, you will help them plan manage challenges and opportunities, act as a sounding board, provide relevant education, and hold clients to account for performing in their position as company owner and leader.

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What's it like to work with
UK Growth Coach?

A client's perspective

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What you’ll get from starting your coaching business with
UK Growth Coach

Knowledge of business alone is not enough.

That goes for our coaching clients and yourself wanting to take that leap of starting a coaching franchise business.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to become a business coach and a successful one at that… we believe that your success is a reflection of our own.

As a business coaching franchisee with UK Growth Coach,
your support includes:


Coaching training and skills development to effectively interact and generate outcomes with your clients.


A toolkit of different business resources to match the various business requirements.


A framework and an operating system so that your business has long term structure and benefits for clients.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools and marketing skills specific for the coaching industry.

Sales System

A sales system, specific sales tools, coaching contracts, and all of the other bits and pieces needed to help you engage and manage relationships with clients.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Your own assigned business coach and a franchise network for peer-to-peer support.

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Award Winning

Our business coaches are award-winning in their field which reflects the quality of the training, service and impact they have. Perhaps most importantly though, the Founder and Franchisor, Tim Rylatt, is an honoree of the Brainz 500 Global list in recognition of his achievements, and dedication to helping others. If that is the type of Franchise you want to be a part of – you’d found the right one in UK Growth Coach!

The simple summary is that you’ll get a turnkey solution for a coaching business rather than having to work out how to run a successful coaching business from scratch for yourself.

That is one of the key benefits of a coaching franchise.

That leap is MUCH more significant than most coaches appreciate and explains why the failure rates for independent coaches is so high despite their prior business acumen.

Explore the opportunity of being a business coach franchisee with us!

Find out about becoming a coaching franchisee with UK Growth Coach

Explore what you’ll receive as a franchisee, what coaching services you would offer business owners, and how this helps your own business ambitions!

Coaching courses and training

Learn about the training you would go through to become a certified business coach.
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Your coaching services

Explore the coaching services you could be offering clients
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Marketing and Sales Toolkit

When you become a coach with us we provide you with a comprehensive marketing and sales tookit
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Why franchise with UK Growth Coach?

There are lots of aspects which make us unique and different in the marketplace.
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Why take a coaching franchise with
UK Growth Coach?

Accessible business coaching franchise opportunity

Many franchise opportunities have huge financial requirements to startup, which means those wishing to start out at business coaching are priced out despite their valuable skills and knowledge. We have deliberately provided a more accessible and affordable option.

Focused on small and medium-sized businesses

We are passionate about SMEs and their role in our communities and economy. 

Whilst many other franchises focus on medium and larger businesses, our coaches find it more rewarding working with smaller companies as they can see the personal effects of their work. Our systems have been built to serve the SME marketplace specifically.

Strong culture and ethics

We listen to our franchisees about developing our services and products. We are continually developing and improving our products.

We are open to suggestions of the people who join our network, much more so than some of the more extensive networks where the cogs of change can be relatively slow to move.

Marketing agency expertise and support

With close connections with two Sussex-based marketing agencies that specialise in small businesses, we offer both our coaches and clients the best marketing and sales tools there are. This is not a format many other coach organisations can or do offer.

Market-leading training

Our franchisee training course was created by one of our founders. In addition to being a highly experienced and successful coach in his own right, he also has a background in the design of training and developing courses. This means the structure is based on sound educational principles and core knowledge…and therefore is easy to absorb, apply, and benefit from immediately.

We wrote the book on business strategy and are business owners ourselves

Our founding business coach, Tim Rylatt wrote the book on business strategy for SMEs, The Missing Business Instructions. He is the founding Director of three small businesses and an award-winning coach to over 200 businesses.

If this business coaching franchise opportunity sounds right for you, we would be delighted to hear from you