Looking for a Brighton Business Coach?

Brighton Business Coach services are available from the expert team at UK Growth Coach.

Running your own company needs a broad range of skills and knowledge.

However, whilst almost every employee on the planet was trained in how to perform well in a job setting, remarkably few business owners have been shown how to grow a successful company.

If you want to advance  from ‘owning your own job’ to creating ‘a valuable company that can work without you’, then business coaching with a UK Growth Coach can really help you!

Brighton Business Coach

How does business coaching help?

Whilst most business owners don’t want to ‘go back to school’ as such, they do want the results of doing things better.

A coaching relationship is a partnership between a coach and a business owner.

One brings expertise in how companies are planned, built and sold, and the other brings the experience of their industry, their people, and their customers.

Together, they form a much more powerful basis for achievement.

How to get the right support

UK Growth Coach provides business coaching solutions to companies across the UK, and in-person training services to companies between Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings and Crawley

The coaching approach and process will be different depending on the stage of business you are at.

Take a look at the description below, and explore the options most relevant to your situation.

Start Ups & Micro Businesses

1 or 2 team members

I need some help with my start up, or run a micro-business that needs some professional guidance.

Growth Focused
Small Businesses

with 3 to 50 Staff

I run a business that has between 3 and 50 employees and we want some help to grow efficiently and effectively.

Medium & Large Businesses

with 51 or more Staff

I am involved in the professional development of staff within a larger scale business and want to discuss the support available at this level.