How do I become a business coach in the UK?

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How to become a business coach UK for SMEs? 

Firsty, let’s define a small business…

There are startups and micro-businesses, which may be your first thought when we talk about SMEs and small businesses, but in this context, we mean a business with up to 100 staff. How to become a business coach UK Growth Coach means you would be working with these types of businesses.

Most of the small businesses we work with are not insubstantial. They turn over between £100,000 and £5 million annually in most cases.  

This pool of businesses gets the most out of 1-2-1 coaching.

In contrast, the startups and micro-businesses with turnover less than £100,000 tend to get more out of (and are more easily able to afford) the group coaching services we provide.

Why and how to become a business coach UK that focuses on smaller businesses?

UK Growth Coach was founded with the aim of coaching where there is the greatest need and where we can have the most significant impact – smaller businesses. 

Small businesses carry the highest potential of failure, as the lack of knowledge in one key person has a massive influence on whether the business succeeds. 

As a coach working with small businesses, you get to see the direct impact of the change that you achieve together with your clients.

It may not be their third holiday home in Italy, but it WILL BE the deposit to buy their own home, the potential to support their children in buying a first home, the ability to take the first holiday in 10 years, or to reduce a working week from 100 hours to 40…meaning a massive and meaningful change in quality and enjoyment of life.

Our business coaching has a real human impact. That is why becoming a business coach in the UK for SMEs matters so much.

How do I become a business coach UK Growth Coach?

First of all, book an initial meeting with us to learn more about the business, its culture, approach, clients and what the franchise coaching business could do for you.

More details about the process can be found on the link below.

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