What is the earning potential of a franchised UKGC coach?

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What is a franchise business coach salary?

A franchise business coach will own their own business, so it is not a ‘salary’ per se that you would be earning.

Instead, it is more likely that your income will be a balance of a base wage and dividends from the performance of your limited company.

This is how we would recommend considering how a franchise business coach salary is made up.

In terms of potential levels, there are a couple of essential variables here around the amount of time you want to give to coaching. 

The income you make is dependent on the number of clients, the programme types they engage with you, and your success in retaining clients.

This is all very much within your control, and your reward level will match your capabilities and effort put in. Your business coach salary is therefore dependent on you and how successful you are!

During the induction meeting with us about becoming a franchisee, you will create a forecast and plan specific to your situation and ambition. This will give you an insight into what your own potential income can become.

The most successful business coaches can earn a substantial amount each month, and if you’d like to see how, we can show you some different scenarios and related earning potential, in order to give you a sense of your business coach salary / earnings.

We will provide advice and support on how to grow your coaching business, how to win clients, and can provide additional marketing services should you wish.

There are lots of tools and support available when you join UK Growth Coach as a franchised business coach, which we’ll take you through during our discovery and induction sessions.

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