How do I start my own coaching business with UKGC?

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Options for setting up a coaching business

You could choose to set up your own coaching business…but why would you?

You’d have to develop your own tools, frameworks and models, and potentially also complete/gain a coaching qualification.

As you can no doubt guess, setting up a coaching business in this way, is hugely time-consuming and means you begin from a standing start in terms of your approach, branding and acquiring clients.
Setting up a coaching business, solo, there is no guarantee of success, and it is costly.

Alternatively, you can buy a coaching business franchise

There are a number of them available, including some international and national players.

However, with most, there is a relatively high barrier to entry in terms of the cost to buy a franchise and a lack of flexibility in the models and frameworks being used.

Additionally, many of them focus on executive coaching and larger corporates. Of course, these are valuable services, but we prefer to focus our efforts where they are needed most and where there is most personal satisfaction for the coaches – medium and smaller businesses.

That is why we recommend setting up a coaching business by franchising with UK Growth Coach. We are agile and bespoke to the needs of SMEs, and you’ll have an opportunity to shape and input towards the ongoing franchise business approach. We also provide significantly better value for money than some of the bigger players!

Options for setting up a coaching business

What steps are involved in setting up a coaching business with UK Growth Coach?

There are several options for how you can set yourself up as a business coach. At UK Growth Coach, we pride ourselves on offering an accessible and straightforward way of doing so.

The steps for becoming a business coach for UK Growth Coach are:

1. Meet with one of our franchisors

Have a chat and a coffee with us to explore setting up a coaching business with us, and what that might mean for you.

Discuss how the whole system works. It’s important there is a cultural and skill fit for both you and UK Growth Coach.

2. Do your research

Once you are armed with some information, do do your research into all of the franchises available as well as how you’d go about setting up a coaching business on your own. Identify what is available and what is, and isn’t, important to you.

3. Book a Discover Day

On this day you will spend time with the Franchisor and be able to ask your questions and go into the real detail of the coaching models, services, approach and the franchise model for setting up a coaching business with us.

4. Due diligence

On both sides, everyone needs to be comfortable and happy working together.

5. Legal stuff!

Over to the solicitors with all of the legal stuff to make it a reality!

6. Training and launch

This will comprise eight days of intense training before setting up a coaching business under the UK Growth Coach brand.

This will be alongside our founding coaches, Tim Rylatt and Henry Laker. Our training enables you to become a certified business coach as well as being able to deliver face-to-face coaching under the UK Growth Coach brand.

The sessions have been designed by a qualified adult educator and are progressive in nature.

Part of the business coaching course will also comprise introducing you to the marketing and sales toolkit you can use for setting up a coaching business successfully from the outset!

It is important to emphasise that you need to find a franchise that works for you and your business ambitions. But you’ve nothing to lose and, potentially, everything to gain by having a simple chat with us.

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