What is Business Coaching?

There are many terms used in the professional development world, and in large part they are misused or misunderstood.

Training, mentoring, consulting, counselling, advising… all of these terms have become rather synonymous with one another and even many suppliers in this industry sector are confused about them too!

It is

It is training

because it involves the learning of new knowledge, skills and attitudes.

It is mentoring

because it is the advice of a real business owner as well as a theorist.

It is consulting

because just asking questions is stupid if the client simply doesn’t yet know!

It is advising

because business can be hard and everyone needs a little support and guidance from time to time

It is not counselling

as we are not trained in mental health and that’s a different skill entirely!

It is coaching

because it is about drawing on the capabilities of the business owner and their teams.
It involves helping you apply your knowledge and skills effectively, not just proving their existence.

people coaching

How does it work?

It is coaching because we challenge your ideas, values and beliefs to help you become the best version of yourself in the context of business. We help to hold you accountable to what you tell yourself (and us) you will do.

It is coaching because we are invested in the outcome also – our reputation is made or destroyed based on how well our clients perform.

And it is coaching, because it isn’t static. As your support team, we are forever evolving and looking for the best from ourselves, from you, and from your business.

So, what is business coaching really?

It is a regular intervention from someone who is knowledgeable, caring, progress minded and focused on your goals.

It is support and guidance from a business wise-owl.

It is a frequent, honest, no-holds-barred input from someone who insists that you deliver on your business potential.