How does a business coaching franchise work?

business coaching franchise helping owners grow

How can becoming a business coaching franchisee benefit you? Are you passionate about business coaching and eager to start your own coaching practice? A business coaching franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you. At UK Growth Coach, we offer a comprehensive and supportive model to help you launch and grow a successful business coaching […]

Business coaching franchise opportunities in the UK – 2024

Franchise opportunities | People in a business meeting, wearing shirts and sitting at a desk with laptops.

Are you interested in franchise opportunities in the UK? UK Growth Coach offers result-focused business coaching to UK-based SMEs. For those looking to enter the world of business coaching and want to use their skills where they are most needed and can have the greatest positive impact on their communities, there is the opportunity to […]

Helping people achieve business success at UK Growth Coach

Business success | Group of businesspeople sitting around a table.

Working through the complexities of the business landscape can be challenging – with everything from contracts, operations, sales, HR, marketing, strategy, performance management and much more – all falling at the feet of the business owner. This is where your role as a business growth coach plays an instrumental part in helping them achieve business […]

How to be a good business coach – 5 top tips

How to be a good business coach | Woman explaining something to a man

We answer the question: How to be a good business coach. There are many things that need to come together to create a good business coach – experience, skills, continual learning, ability to adapt to different people’s learning styles, to name just a few.  Firstly, what do we mean by a good business coach? At […]

How to do market research for coaching business: A guide

how to do market research for coaching business

This guide will go through the essential steps on how to do market research for a coaching business. To succeed in the coaching business, or indeed any business, you need to understand and connect with your target audience. At UK Growth Coach, we use market research as an effective tool to gain valuable insights into […]

How to launch a coaching business: unleash your potential with UK Growth Coach

How to launch a coaching business | wooden steps rising up, with the word 'growth' written underneath. A paper airplane is flying up the steps.

Are you a passionate business coach looking to take your coaching career to the next level? Launching a coaching business comes with its unique set of challenges, including budget constraints, misconceptions about coaching, and the struggle to connect with the right clients.  In this blog, we’ll explore how to launch a coaching business in order […]

5 Steps To Successfully Set Up Your Coaching Business

Coaching business | Two arrows on blue background with the words "business coaching" written across.

So, you’re considering stepping into the dynamic and rewarding world of business coaching, ready to guide individuals and businesses toward their full potential.  Congratulations!  Setting up a coaching business is a transformative journey that demands careful planning, dedication, and a strategic approach.  In this blog, we’ll look at the steps involved in launching your coaching […]

Business Coaching Training – Unlocking Your Potential

Business coaching training | Blackboard with drawings of rocketship, lightbulb and shooting target. The word 'coaching' is written out, coming out of a megaphone.

At UK Growth Coach, we firmly believe that becoming a proficient business coach requires a multifaceted approach when it comes to business coaching training. To excel in this dynamic field, one must possess a deep understanding of various models, approaches, and real-life scenarios.  This comprehensive blog will explore different ways you can develop and train […]

Starting a coaching business

Starting a coaching business | Person talking to a group in a business setting.

Starting a coaching business is an extremely exciting prospect for many people.  They have the knowledge and ability to share their message, but some struggle to get the business up and running.  In this blog, we’ll explore a few options available for those looking to start a coaching business and share our advice on the […]

Franchise opportunities near me: what you need to know

Franchise opportunities near me | people sat around a table looking at documents with graphs and pens

Are you searching for ‘franchise opportunities near me’? Perhaps you’re looking to start your own franchise business, but you’re unsure about the business model, start-up costs or the different types of franchising available. This blog will explore the different types of UK franchises and why it’s a great idea to become a UK Growth Coach […]