Business Potential Finding Session

If you are interested to explore how coaching can work for you, you’ll almost certainly want to book in for a complimentary business potential finding session.

The steps involved are here:

Before attending

You complete a background questionnaire a few days before your session. This helps your coach gain some early insight into your business and what you’d like to gain from the session. They are then able to prepare properly and give you the best guidance.

On the day

You attend the session at the coach’s office / online, and have a very open discussion about your current business situation, and the results it brings you as the owner. Your coach will ask you some searching questions, and will ask about the reality now versus the desired future, and will investigate the symptoms, the potential causes, and some options for improvement.

As part of the process, the coach will guide you through a self-assessment scorecard (based on the Coaching Star Model ). This will help your recognise some of the likely areas for development, and you can discuss the potential impacts of making changes and having some support in doing so.

After the session

Where appropriate, the coach will explain some of the coaching approaches and tools available, and may also help your run through some metrics to show how your financial outcomes can be influenced by making modest changes.

If both you and the coach, agree that there are benefits to working together moving forward, they will offer to explain the support programmes relevant to your situation. You will then have the opportunity to get started if you want to. If you don’t, there will not be any pressure – we only offer to work with people that want our help, and ask us for it.