Business Coaching Services

The business coaching services that you can access through UK Growth Coach have all been designed with one aim:

“To help you enable your business growth and maximise your personal performance”

The central model we use is called ‘The Coaching Star’© and acts as a framework around which your personalised business growth plan can be built. It has been designed by our multi-award winning founder, Tim Rylatt and is based on more than a decade of direct experience. We start by helping you define the goals that really matter to you (including the outcomes of those goals for you personally)

Once we are all clear on what you need to achieve, the coach’s role is then to be a solid sounding board and advisor for your ideas and plans, to provide some external accountability to help you perform to your best, and thus help you hit your goals efficiently and effectively.

During Tim’s 10 years working with the largest business coaching firm in the world, he won the award for ‘best client results’ five times consecutively in his territory. Two of his clients also won international awards for growth. There are also many testimonials available from happy clients; so you can have some faith in what he has created for UK Growth Coach!

The Coaching Star Model

The Coaching Star © Model is centred around 10 essential areas of performance common to all businesses. The action plans developed for you will be unique based on your priorities and your requirements, however. This is not a colour by numbers process, and is bespoke to you and your company. Within each of the ten ‘sections’ of this model there are a large number of resources, recommended strategies and tactical documents to help you learn, apply, and review the effectiveness of your efforts. As you work with your business coach, these will be shared with you, and you will build your own library of coaching tools related to your own specific circumstance and ambitions.

Core Coaching Programme Components

Whilst there are a number of different programmes available (to suit the different needs and stages of business progression that individuals and companies are at), there are some core elements that all programmes include. Each of these is there for good reason, and a quick summary of their purpose and benefits is below:

North Star Meetings

The first part of any coaching programme is a session we call The North Star meeting.

For centuries the North Star was used by travellers all around the globe to sense check their position, and to navigate effectively and efficiently towards their desired destination. It took skill and it took knowledge to do well, and it was a vital part of progressing from position A to position B … exactly what we are aiming to achieve through your coaching support. This 1:2:1 session lasts between 3 and 4 hours and sets not just the goals, but also the ‘rules of the game’ for the coach/client working relationship. During this meeting your coach will ask you a lot of questions to make you REALLY think about, and objectively assess your business (including your customers, your team, your suppliers, your financials, your time, your personal capabilities and more). The outcome of this session is a written, sequential, logical plan of action that will move you from where you are towards where you want to be.
Training Direction Compass

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Each quarter, together with the coach, you will review your business and personal progress.

 You’ll sense check the longer term goals that are planned, and prioritise the targets, associated learning and actions for the next period.
In the picture to the right, the flag represents your long term objective (perhaps to be wealthy and retire early) and the circular markers indicate the waypoints set at each quarterly planning session. The dashes represent short term actions and steps taken to progress you within each quarter.

Business progression is rarely perfectly linear, and the regular ‘path adjustments’ (such as are managed at these quarterly sessions) are VERY important. It’s why this planning session is a core component of all programmes.

The outcome of each quarterly planning session is a well-considered, written, time-lined, and prioritised action plan for YOUR business that has SMART goals aimed at progressing towards the bigger objectives.

Regular 1:2:1 Coaching Sessions

You will meet with your coach for a 1:2:1 coaching session either fortnightly or 4 weekly; this depends on the support level you choose.

These meetings are held at the coaches office, or online, as it involves a less interrupted environment than your day to day workspace, and is time efficient for all concerned (as coaches we are keen you aren’t time inefficient!) Each session is a highly focused ‘business pit stop’ intended to help you stay on track with your quarterly plan. This is achieved through our 5 point process:
  • Review of past commitments and progress
  • Confirmation of next priorities (review of the plan)
  • Discussion and coaching on related topics
  • Next session commitments (what will you do by when)
  • Next session commitments (what will you do by when)
  • Confirmation of any support required to enable that
The sessions will vary in other ways, but will always have those core elements covered, as progress against plan is an underpinning principle of coaching and business as a whole. As these sessions are important to achieving your business and personal ambitions, we ask that you arrive on time, prepared, and ready to get to work.

What to do now

If you have read as far as here, you are obviously interested in how coaching can help you personally to achieve more in your business. It is quite likely, however that you still have a number of questions including, “How would this work for me and my business?”

That’s normal, and fully expected. It’s why we offer a complimentary 90 minute ‘business potential finding session’ to any business owner. To explore how coaching can help you, do get in touch via the contact page or using the button below. We’ll be pleased to help.