Business Coaching for a Lightning Protection Business

Orion Lightning Protection LTD

Business Coaching

The business need

Orion Lightning Protection is a business based in Littlehampton, West Sussex that provides lightning protection solutions to the private and public sectors. 

Jason Harfield, the previous owner and director of Orion, found that his business was fairly successful and stable, but it was not as profitable as he wanted it to be. Profit levels were inconsistent, along with the sales and work turnover. However, consistency of profit was not the only issue they had:

“We had lots of team challenges before working with Growth Coach. Most of them were around systemisation and people working in their own ways instead of the business working in one way so that we were all on the same page.

We did do marketing, but the lack of knowledge and targeted marketing was a problem. We were doing generic marketing, which was being aimed at the wrong audience.”

Jason was not sure what to expect from working with a business coach and the impact it could have on his business, however, after receiving a free business review he decided to go with Tim as his business coach.

Working with UK Growth Coach

Tim and Jason had a very similar basic approach to issues, getting to the bottom of the problem and resolving it as quickly as possible.

“Tim was very good, he almost became part of the team when he was working with us. It definitely helped and he worked with other members of staff as well as me to bring them on board as well.”

Work and profit levels at Orion Lightning Protection became far more consistent and systemised. Everyone began using planners and if one engineer was unavailable for a specific day, another one could pick up the job without any issues.

The marketing also became targeted at a specific customer profile. This allowed for more consistent work for the business, rather than setting up campaigns and hoping it reached the correct customer.

Results & impact

Jason felt that it was a massive weight off his shoulders after all the changes in the business took effect. He was less stressed and it allowed him to spend more time with his family, going on holiday and playing golf – his favourite hobby!

Jason was no longer bogged down with multiple tasks anymore, he was able to give the work to other people in the business due to hiring managers through a more rigorous recruitment process.

The business was also able to attract some investors which led to the company being sold for a generous sum. As a result of the sale, Jason has been able to retire 5 years earlier than he had originally planned to.

“At the start, I thought I knew about running my business, which I did, but I didn’t understand the complexities of actually running a business that would make it a saleable asset. Things like marketing, strategic planning and financial KPIs.”

What Jason had to say about having a business coach for his Lightning Protection Business...

“My working and personal relationships with Tim are very good. 

He’s very good at what he does. He knows what he’s doing, and anybody that could get me onboard is definitely good at what they do.

We get on very well, and I’ve got a lot of respect for Tim.

If you’re sceptical, I would say do the free meeting. Go in there with an open mind.

I’d like to thank Tim  for helping and assisting in growing the business, and making it a saleable asset in order that I have been able to retire and gain some financial freedom a lot earlier than I probably would have done, had I not done the business coaching.”