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MH Developments

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The business need

MH Developments is a high-quality carpentry and building firm, who work across the South East, working primarily on extensions, loft conversions, kitchens & bathrooms and home/garden offices. 

The Managing Director, Michael Hughes, identified a need for a business coach relating to his construction business, who could enable him to resolve some business challenges and therefore ultimately grow his construction business.

Many of the challenges Michael faced are ones lots of business owners have but were exacerbated by a high number of sub-contractors within his workforce. He was finding himself working long hours and under pressure from running the business alone.

Having had some previous experience of business coaches, Michael had found they’d been unable to translate their advice into his context or type of business. He wasn’t sure what he’d get out of using UK Growth Coach, but with a high recommendation and knowing action was needed, Michael invested in coach Tim Rylatt

Working with UK Growth Coach

Immediately, Tim’s real-world and varied experience started to provide valuable insight, clarity on the actions which needed to be taken and then supporting in the delivery of them. 

One of the first things was to free up some of michael’s time so he could focus on the challenges of the business where his trade expertise added most value – and that wasn’t the administrative side of things! Therefore, systems and processes were built including mapping the customer journey from enquiry through to work commencing, along with all necessary documentation and communication templated. This then allowed for Michael’s partner to come on board and take over the administration and some of the client communication, with everyone being confident they were going to be done to a high-standard.

That provided some valuable time resource for Michael to then address, with Tim’s support, the second set of business challenges – human resource. Together they worked through the team structure (i.e. employees versus sub-contractors), the rules of the game the team needed to follow (what service levels were expected) and put in place performance and quality checks.

At this point, Michael then felt confident enough to be able to take on the development of a marketing strategy with the support of a local, small-business specialist marketing agency, MJS. This will bring in more high-quality enquiries which the new administrative processes and communications plan will nurture into business, which in turn the construction team will fulfil to the customers satisfaction.

Results & impact

With the foundations in place, Michael is confident his business can handle, convert and deliver the additional enquiries being generated for his business. But perhaps most importantly, it isn’t quite so lonely now for him running his own business and his confidence levels have increased significantly. He’s been able to focus his time on the areas of the business where he adds most value and therefore enable it to grow.

What Michael had to say about business coaching for a construction business...

“I’ve been working with Tim after a glowing recommendation from another colleague and he has surpassed my expectations.

I had been skeptical about how Tim could help a business like mine but quickly realised why he came so highly recommended.

Tim’s business insight and unique way of simplifying complex problems and task has already made a positive impact and has given me the confidence to improve my business further.

I would certainly recommend Tim to any business owner especially during these challenging times.”