Business coaching a start-up travel franchise

Not Just Travel

Penny Jenner Not Just Travel

The business need

“After opening my new franchise travel business (Not Just Travel) in 2019 and being hit hard by the pandemic in 2020, I needed some advice and guidance to help catapult my business from dormant to profitable as we moved into 2021.

Due to being unable to meet people in person at that time it was very hard to find new clients, and together with working from home, I felt a lack of structure to my working days. My diary was disorganised, and I know I was wasting a lot of time!

It was at this point that I decided to contact Tim Rylatt from UK Growth Coach, as I wanted to get some help, and to put myself on a more productive path.” 

Rather than focusing on the short-term and immediate demands on her time, Penny knew she needed help getting out of that cycle and to look at the building blocks for a sustainable, long-term business. UK Growth Coach’s unique coaching model of 10 interconnected elements all successful small businesses need to have working harmoniously – The Business Star were particularly relevant – business direction, the profit levers to generate income and marketing primarily.

Working with UK Growth Coach

Together Penny and Tim tightly defined the target audience and built a content plan for each of them. The content plan was then coupled with a marketing plan in order to ensure the content reached or would be seen by the target audience. Facebook activity was especially important for this, with an invite only group created. There were a number of exclusive offers and promotions for those group members.

Time management was another challenge, trying to balance all of the different roles of being a business owner. It’s something that Tim loves to spend time coaching business owners on because of the level of impact it has on them both professionally and personally.

In addition, there has been some coaching around how to make networking more effective.

travel franchise business coaching

Results & impact

With an increase in bookings, the business impact from the coaching is plain to see. The Facebook Group alone has over 600 members now, in addition to a qualified marketing database having been built.

Penny is more focused, more confident and able to get more quality-work and management delivered due to the new time management processes. She has greater clarity on the businesses financial position and targets too.

Tim’s coaching has led to some tough conversations and asking some uncomfortable questions, but without them, the business wouldn’t be growing and changing for the better. Our coaches at UK Growth Coach are driven by an passion to build small businesses up, and this is what Penny has felt the benefit of.

What Penny had to say about business coaching for her franchise business...

“Whilst my business was still small at this time, Tim was very reassuring on how we could work together and gave me the confidence that together we could grow the company.

After the initial North Star meeting we had set a clear plan. Tim helped me see the varying areas of business I needed to address, and to set relevant goals and tasks to get started on.

I am currently working on a number of different areas (marketing, sales, time management, financial targets) and am seeing results already. Tim is very encouraging and supportive but he also expects results and this pushes me to perform to my best!

I now feel much more in control of my business, have confidence through having a plan in place, and can already see that by following my new diary and marketing plan, I will be more efficient and effective in the future.

My clients are getting a much better customer experience, and my business future is looking much more positive overall!

Thank you Tim for holding me accountable.”