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why choose UK Growth Coach

The simplest, fastest, most cost-effective option, with a high likelihood of success!

It really is that straightforward as to why you’d choose to join UK Growth Coach!

Setting up your own business coaching practice is a HUGE job. There are all the branding aspects, the marketing tools and actions, the sales systems and tools, the operational tools and processes, the financial set-up, the client and supplier contracts, and the design time for the models too. This is a massively daunting prospect and a mammoth time investment as an individual.

But there is a more efficient and better way of achieving your own business ambition.

Buying into a business coaching franchise is a simpler and faster route to market and comes with the benefit of a network and experienced coaching support to help you to succeed.

Explore the opportunity of being a business coach franchisee with us!

Is this the best coaching franchise opportunity available?

We think so and believe you’ll feel the same when you undertake your due diligence to see what is available in the marketplace.

It’s vital that you find the right fit for your circumstances, and we’ve some compelling reasons why pursuing a coaching franchise with UK Growth Coach is the way to go:

Accessible business opportunity

Accessible business coaching opportunity with a sensible level of start-up investment.

Focus on businesses you need your expertise the most

Focused on small and medium-sized businesses, those who need it the most; giving a high sense of purpose and meaning for coaches.

Strong culture and ethics

Strong culture and ethics – our network and culture are essential to our franchisees and us!

Marketing expertise at your fingertips

Specialist marketing agency expertise and support, which is near unrivalled in the world of coaching – our founders have two agencies and decades of marketing experience!

Market-leading training

Market-leading training designed by qualified trainers, more details below.

Founders wrote the book on SME business strategy

Our founders literally wrote the book on business strategy and are business owners too, so we have genuine empathy with franchisees and clients.

Explore if our business coaching franchise is right for you

Paper planes fly together as a team

Market-leading training for business coaches

All of our franchisees are provided with six-full days of initial training, led by an experienced coach and qualified trainer, which covers everything from:

  • What UK Growth Coach is: the standards, the values and the ethics
  • How to start attracting customers from a standing start

  • How to sell to potential customers

  • How to package up the services – full details of the possible coaching services you could offer are available. 

  • How to launch a new customer engagement.

  • How to work with clients on an ongoing basis and deliver results.

  • How to manage a client’s exit at the end of the working relationship.

You will also be provided with a complete toolkit of everything you will need to market and sell to potential customers and what you need to work with them successfully.

Start by getting in touch and having a no-obligation chat with one of our franchisors.

If you want to know if our business coaching franchise is right for you, the best thing to do is get in touch and have a conversation. This initial discovery discussion is for you, as much as it is for us, to uncover whether we are a good fit, culturally and for your circumstances.

What is the cost of a business coaching franchise with UK Growth Coach?

Once you start trading…

  • There is a coach support fee of £500 +VAT per month that covers updates to the franchise tools over time, and having your own coaching session every month too.

  • There is a fee based on your business turnover. This starts off at zero and then increases in line with your business growth. Unlike many of the competing franchises out there, the proportion of earnings fee actually reduces as a % as your income increases.

We want you to succeed and be rewarded for it!

The initial franchise license fee is

£ 18,000

What happens when you are ready to say “yes"?

Due diligence is the process by which you undertake a full exploration of the coaching franchise package, the investment and the potential for your business.

Together we will discuss your future ambitions as a business coaching franchisee, what it might deliver for you and explain the main legal points and contracts.

You will then most likely want to take the contract away and have a discussion with your own legal advisors. We encourage this as it is essential you are clear and happy with everything being proposed and planned. 

Providing support, tools and training to launch your very own coaching business!

Once the contracts have been agreed upon, we schedule the pre-launch actions for you. This includes creating your marketing tools, your website, the training, business planning for launch and more!

finding the key to your success