About Us

Our Vision

As a business coach, our vision is to close the gaps that exists between ‘potential’ and ‘real world performance’ of business owners, their teams and their companies.

Our Mission

Is to enable owners, managers and team members to be the best that they can be, so that their businesses can grow and reflect that excellence. We will help both individuals and teams to achieve this through the most effective mix of business coaching, training, consulting, and mentoring, coupled with the delivery of personal encouragement, accountability and support as required.

Through our work as a business coach, the people we work with become more confident, more capable, and more growth minded; resulting in the greater enjoyment of their business journey, and the creation of better opportunities for owners, employees, their families, clients, suppliers, and the communities they work within.

Our Values

Commitment – we will apply our commitment to your success and insist that you do likewise.

Results – we will make sure that our focus is on the results you really want to achieve for yourself, your business, your people and your loved ones.

Caring – we will work for the progression of your business with the same degree of enthusiasm and care as if it were our own.

Development – we will not stand still. If there is a better way of doing things, we will listen, we will learn and we will act to provide it.

Our Team
Growth Coach Business Coach Tim Rylatt

Tim Rylatt

Tim Rylatt is the founder and Managing Director of UK Growth Coach. He has a decade of business coaching experience, working with the largest coaching franchise globally.
Tim has written two books on business growth strategies that are focused on sales and marketing (Business Battleships – Panoma Press, 2012, and Growing by Design – Satin Publishing, 2019). A multi-award winning business coach, Tim comes with a wealth of business coach experience from working with more than 200 businesses across a wide range of industries, and has been a speaker on the international stage too.

Henry Laker

Henry Laker is a founding partner of UK Growth Coach, and is a highly experienced businessman. He has been running marketing focused businesses for 25 years, and brings a huge experience to bear as a result. Henry offers highly practical, real-world effective coaching and a direct approach that cuts straight to the point. He also co-authored Growing by Design – Satin Publishing 2019 with Tim, and has a great enthusiasm for generating business growth in a profitable way!
Growth Coach Business Coach Henry Laker

Both Tim and Henry are also directors in two marketing agencies based in Sussex (www.growth-by-design.co.uk and www.mjsmedia.co.uk).