How does hiring a business coach accelerate your business growth?

Despite the abundance of evidence out there, business coaching is something many businesses don’t straight away think of as essential to enabling business growth

To help you understand why having a business coach is more relevant and important than you may have identified to date in order to achieve business growth, we’d like to demonstrate the point in a fun way. 

To help us do this, we have asked for some assistance from the lovely team at marketing agency Growth by Design!

The team members have just completed the activity we’re suggesting for you below, and had a good laugh whilst doing so. We hope you’ll enjoy having a go, and will learn something important from the experience too!

A fun exercise to show the real value of expert guidance

Before we start, you’ll need two sheets of paper (A4 from the printer is fine).

TASK 1 – (2 minutes)

Now, take the first sheet and fold it into a paper boat. 

No cheating. You aren’t allowed to ask a friend, look anything up or to Google it.  Just make it into a boat.

How does it look? As good as our efforts I’m guessing!

making a paper boat without expert guidance is har

This exercise highlights three problems that are equally important to business:

  1. Not knowing what the end goal looks like clearly.
  2. Not being trained properly in the steps to get there.
  3. Not having the experience to spot when you have gone off track.

So let’s try and do it better this time around. 

TASK 2 – (2 minutes)

Take  the second sheet of paper and now follow the instructions in this short video.

Now that’s more like it!

expert guidance, like business coaching ,to achieve results

So what does this short exercise demonstrate about business coaching?

Understanding how to fold a piece of paper isn’t the same as understanding how to make a paper boat. Similarly, understanding how to do one role in business, isn’t the same as understanding all of the activities required to build a successful company.

Most business owners have never been shown how to build a profitable and efficient business. If we couldn’t manage a simple bit of paper folding without help, then no wonder business owners need some expert support, guidance and training when it comes to running their own business. There is more involved than most expect at the outset, and coaching can make a huge difference to the results.

There are many different ‘folds’ to make in creating the company you want to have at the end. Knowing where and when to make those changes or take those actions is what a business coach can help you with. Their help saves you time, improves your outcomes, and provides you with reassurance and confidence that you are doing things with less of a trial and error approach.

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