Building a success mindset – tips from a Sussex business coach

Tim Rylatt; an award winning Sussex business coach explains what a healthy business success mindset is, and how to develop one!

3 tips for creating a bullet-proof mindset

Creating your success mindset as a business owner isn’t easy; particularly in the Covid ravaged marketplace. It is however, still possible to be positive, focused, and goal driven in your business. 

Here are three top tips to get you into a goal smashing space!

Tip 1: Know your own WHY

It’s always been important to to understand WHY we need to be good at something, or committed to a task. 

Without that understanding being in place, it’s common that the effort applied to completing a task is lower than it should be. Even if there is initial effort, it is not normally sustained .

This is the outcome of having tasks that are too transactional and less clearly purposeful.

What is meant by transactional and purposeful?

  • If an activity is purely transactional, whilst it may need doing, there isn’t an emotional engagement with the purpose.
  • When an activity is clearly purposeful, and the participant understands why it truly matters, they will push them-self harder to get it done.

Over many years of working with Police Officers on active duty, as well as business owners wanting to grow their companies, I realised that it’s not just me that works this way. Most of us are the same.

In my role as a Sussex business coach I see this day in and day out for business owner too. That’s why it’s vital to properly consider WHY we want to achieve things, before we start to work on them.

  • What benefit will completion bring?
  • What detriment would a failure to complete bring ourselves or others?

If we can’t find a clearer and purposeful motivation by exploring a goal on the front end, we should rework it until it has a proper driver that motivates us, and hopefully those around us too.

For me personally, I work hardest when I know the person who will gain or lose out is not just me. I am driven to protect others; I guess maybe I’m still a Policeman at heart!

Tip 2: Engage with your team and with your customers

Our teams and our customers have similar thought processes. 

If we want to generate a behavioural response within our clients, team or anyone else, we need to take the time to explore their motivations, pay-offs and trade-offs in clear conversations. 

This engagement on “Why” is vital if we want to connect hearts and energy with logic. 

There is plenty of evidence to support that highest performers do not behave on logic alone, but most often when there is additional purpose and commitment.

For this reason, creating time to discuss the business goals with our teams and to be clear for ourselves in advance of a “why beyond profit alone” is vital. 

Whilst businesses of course need to produce profit as an outcome, they are most likely to do with an active, purposeful team working on something they believe in and will benefit from too.

Tip 3: Make sure you have a plan that connects

This is why having a purpose / vision statement in a business really matters. 

It’s designed for more than corporate vanity. It is there to engage, enroll and inspire the team and those the business interacts with.

Each plan that is made needs to draw back to the central theme and have a clear connection. 

By doing so, there is a consistent joining of the emotional motivators with the technical and logical capabilities of the people.

So when you next write a business plan, identify how each aspect ties back to the fulfilment of the purpose statement.

  • How do the values tie into the required behaviour and activities?
  • Why that should matter to your team as much as to you?

A connected plan will light a fire within your team, and NOT need performance management to light a fire beneath them!

About the author of this blog

Tim Rylatt is a Sussex business coach who works with a range of company owners across the UK. This is most often in the surrounds of Brighton and Eastbourne where he lives.

If you run a company, you can book a complimentary business review session with Tim. You can view his online diary at www.calendly.com/timrylatt or call him on 07735 414185.

Learn more about Tim’s coaching here

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