What level of business success do you deserve?

It’s a question of your honesty…

When you hit a business success barriers, it can be easy to assume that you’ve simply reached the limit of what’s possible.

More often than not, that belief is a glass ceiling, but to smash through it, means becoming REALLY honest with yourself…




What does honesty fit in to your business success?

It’s common to see a lot of effort and commitment being applied by business owners.

It’s also common for those business owners to benchmark their performance against other SIMILAR business owners.

Those business owners work in the same industry, and at the same scale. They don’t represent an aspirational situation.

This isn’t a great benchmark setting if you want different results.



The gap in business success is unlikely to be a lack of effort.

It is amore likely to be a function of your true level of knowledge and experience for running and growing a business. 

This is different to having good knowledge of the industry your business is within…in fact this is the critical difference.


You see, most business owners ARE well trained for their industry.

They nearly always have several years of experience working in that sector and DO know it well. 


The problem is that they don’t identify that their industry expertise as an employee is very different from the skills needed to run a WHOLE business and certainly from those required to achieve strong business growth.

This is important as it’s the difference between owning a job, and being highly effective as a business owner. 

And that’s a BIG difference.


The first thing to realise is that there is no shame in admitting that this gap in knowledge and experience exists. You really shouldn’t be expected to know what you have not yet learned.

In fact it’s been estimated that only 5% of SME business owners have ever been trained properly for a business owner role! 

So coming back to my original point, it’s important for you to be honest with yourself.



Do you (yet) have a true expertise in owning and growing business?


If not, is it realistic for you to rightfully expect the best results?

If this question is a bit uncomfortable, it’s probably a good thing. 


It means that you are being honest with yourself, and recognising that a skills gap mat exist. As we all know, the first part of fixing a problem is acknowledging that one exists.

Start to benchmark yourself against the best in the business rather than those similar to you right now. You may well start to see that advancing your current skillset is not optional for greater success…it is a pre-requisite.



What to do after you’ve acknowledged the issue

So, now that you’ve raised your hand and said, “My name is (insert name here), and I have a problem” it’s important to act and do something about it. This is where a discussion with a business coach can add some perspective. In the same way as a new coach can help assess and identify opportunity within a sports team or individual, the same is true for a business coach. 

Having a frank discussion with a business coach allows you to share your frustrations, ambitions, and realities with an expert in business. 

They can offer a constructive review, and make recommendations on where they can support. They will also suggest other specialists where relevant.



Sound like a good idea?

You won’t be alone in thinking so. The business coaching service sector has been booming for a number of years now. Many high level business people acknowledging how it has helped them reach their current position.

There is no time like the present, so why not get in touch. You can arrange a complimentary business review meeting with one of our coaches today. These meetings take about 90 minutes and will help you highlight your strengths and opportunities. 

There is no obligation to go further, but you may well want to when you realise what you’ve been missing out on!

To arrange your complimentary business review, email tim@growthcoach.co.uk or visit here

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