Looking for a Brighton, Eastbourne, or London business coach?

Tim Rylatt is an award-winning Sussex & London business coach who helps company owners to:

  1. Fairly assess their true situation and opportunity through a supportive approach.
  2. Set meaningful and achievable business and personal goals.
  3. Improve profit levels, enhance team performance, better work-life balance, and increase business valuation.

Tim specialises in working with businesses that want to increase the level of value recognition they are achieving for their products and services. He particularly enjoys developing highly strategic marketing and sales approaches as well as guiding on implementation. 

It’s worth noting that he is also the director in two marketing agencies, and as such has access to more resources than many other independent coaches. As a published author on this subject, he also has a much greater depth of knowledge to offer too!

Tim Rylatt - London Buisness Coach

As an ex-Police Officer, Tim offers a pragmatic, evidence-based approach to business support. He is known for caring very much for his clients and their companies, and also for providing real accountability to perform. He helps people stay on track with their commitments, and gives sound, considered advice to help them ‘up their game’. 

Before working with any business, Tim offers a 90-minute free exploration session that comprises a business review and a strategy discussion. This opportunity is available to all UK business owners who are serious about making substantial improvements. 

What is involved in your free business exploration session?

Before the meeting, you will need to complete a background questionnaire. This makes you consider your existing situation ahead of the meeting, and includes a self-assessment of current skill and knowledge. When you send this to Tim, he reviews it ahead of the meeting as well as taking a look at your website and other online references. This means that he is well prepared and informed ahead of the meeting.

Your business review session starts with a simple discussion around some of the answers you provided in your questionnaire. 

Once the key aims have been confirmed, together with Tim you’ll explore a business growth model. You’ll have the chance to assess your current strengths, as well as opportunities for improvement. This will include a demonstration of where likely wins can be achieved for the future.

At this point, Tim will ask you a critical question… 

He’ll simply ask if you want to try and make those changes independently or if you’d like to learn how a coaching programme may support you in achieving more, and more quickly.

You choose sign - coaching

Your answer dictates what happens next. 

Tim has a standing promise that he won’t explain his services or what the investment is until invited to do so by you. This is very different from many other coaches who use such initial meetings as a ‘pressure selling session’. 

Tim believes that if he has done a good job, and you can both see where the opportunity lies by working together you’ll ask him. If not, then it isn’t right to ‘sell at you!’

In simple terms what this means is that you can book a business exploration session being confident that it is entirely about you and your wishes. That can include a discussion around the potential for coaching support or not as YOU wish… so you can relax and just enjoy the benefit of a skilled business brain for 90 minutes without any pressure!

How to book your exploration session with UK Growth Coach

This part is easy; you can either call Tim on 07735 414185 or email tim@growthcoach.co.uk

If you are looking to grow your business he’ll be pleased to get the meeting arranged for you. 

Based in East Sussex, Tim works as a Brighton business coach, London business coach, and Eastbourne business coach. To see a couple of client experience videos, you can view Tim’s website here

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