How to choose the best business coach

PART 1 of 4

Choosing the best business coach - the big question
It’s a big question…and deserves a good answer!

Most business owners want to know…

Regardless of who they ask, there is more to consider when choosing the best business coach than you may initially think, and context plays a massive part in making the right choice! Here we have detailed how to choose the best business coach for you.

The reason it is such a difficult question to answer is that there are a number of important things to take into account before making the decision.

Over the course of a 4 blog series, we’ll be sharing the benefit of our experience across those aspects to help you find the best path forward.

Here is the first part of the series…

What do you want to change in your business and life?

On the surface this seems a straightforward enough question, but once you start digging around for the short and long term motivations behind it you’ll discover a number of different points are involved.

·      Business Growth

Many business owners target growth as part of the goals and strategies, but in fact are motivated by day to day issues. These include wanting to solve a cash flow problem, overcome limited profitability, inconsistency of orders, expansion of team to reduce personal working hours, create service or product variety to overcome gaps in sales, and a wide range of other underpinning issues. The most common items are explained in more detail here Each of these has its own action plan requirements so being crystal clear matters.

·       Better work life balance

Often this request comes from one of two directions. Firstly, the business owner is actually seeking an exit path, and is not yet clear on how to reduce the time or responsibility burdens they are personally carrying. Secondly, they are actually happy with the role that they are involved in, but want to reduce the stress levels or required working hours in the short term.

·       Get my team performing

Requests for team performance are really common, but the real question is why do you feel they are not performing already? Very often the issue is not to do with the people, but to do with the clarity of goals, responsibilities, skill sets, time management, level of and simplicity of systemisation in the business and more. Sometimes it can be a leadership or management barrier or opportunity too.

There are quite a few others too, but hopefully this short list is giving you an insight that for a decision on the best business coach to support a business owner, it is about more than just CVs.

It starts with clarity on the symptoms and the underlying causes, and these are best uncovered by effective questions and investigation.

Depending on your motivations and objectives, the coach to choose can vary. Get clear on what you want, and it will become clearer who you need to help!

Next Steps:

If you are struggling with how to choose the best business coach or just want to chat through your options, do get in touch with me at UK Growth Coach. I have been helping small business owners to grow their businesses across Sussex and the South East of the UK for more than a decade through coaching and mentoring. I own two other companies personally, and feel well set to guide you through this difficult decision. You can reach me at tim@growthcoach.co.uk and can find out more information at https://growthcoach.co.uk/what-is-business-coaching/

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