How to choose the best business coach

(PART 3 of 4)

In our last blog on “How to choose the best business coach” we covered the importance of understanding the coaching and mentoring skill set range, and aligning that with your own needs.

This blog (part 3 of 4) looks at what the expectations of a TRUE ‘business coach’ should be, and how to uncover those that fit that definition!

Choosing the best business coach

How do you identify a true business coach from those claiming the title?

Ask them the following questions…

When you have worked with clients in the past, what have been the results?

The answer should be given in metrics. They should be able to give you real world examples of businesses they have supported that have shown business growth across key figures such as turnover, profit, employee numbers, client base, and so on.

If we were to work together, what would the working relationship be like?

The answer should be a mix of business advice, guidance, and education. It would involve planning, setting action plans, agreeing goals, establishing commitment, and providing accountability to perform. The relationship would be on an equal footing (i.e. they are not seen as an employee, but as someone who should be respected and to whom you allow yourself to be held accountable for delivering on your promises and commitments). The coach should be a sounding board for potential decisions. There would be an expectation of tracking results and working hard to deliver the required outcome goals, and there should be a high degree of trust and support available to overcome personal and business barriers across a wide range of topics.

Who would be completing the tasks agreed at the end of our coaching sessions?

The answer should be (for small business owners); you, the business owner, and the team you work with. The coach is there to help you clarify the best ways, and to ensure you perform to the best of your capabilities. They are not there to do the work for you (as that way you remain dependent upon them forever). Rather they are there to ensure you learn and develop the skills, and gain access to relevant resources. By doing so they allow you to progress as a business owner, and as a result, see your business results flourish also.

For an interesting comparison on life coaches and business coaches click here

For an example of what business coaching clients should be saying, visit https://growthcoach.co.uk/client-stories/

Next Steps:

If you are not yet sure you have found the best business coach for you, or just want to chat through your options for help in running a business, do get in touch with me at UK Growth Coach. I have been helping business owners across Sussex and the South East of the UK for more than a decade as a business coach, own two other companies personally, and feel well set to guide you through this difficult decision.

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